On Hypocritical Idiocy

The Lyin’, The Witch And The Wardrobe

The Lyin’

The Witch

The Wardrobe

A few thoughts:

  • Michelle Obama, before her big speech at the Democratic National Convention this year–you know, the one where her husband accepted the nomination as the first African-American candidate in the history of our country–purchased the dress she wore during her speech at Target. For $100. And she looked breathtaking. You do the math.
  • If you watched any of the videos, make sure you see the second one on the page. It’s an eye-opener. And it will send shivers up your back.
  • Fox News is a pathetic waste of time. Unfortunately, they have a large following among people who refuse to do actual research and/or think for themselves. They’re trying to spin this? People are losing homes that cost less than $150,000! Way to relate to Joe Six-Pack The Plumber Hockey Moms all over this country! Yeah, lady, most folks can barely afford to fill our cars with fuel to get back and forth to work! Stay classy.
  • I’m so glad I’m not a donor to the McCain campaign. I feel proud of the small amount of money I sent to Obama’s campaign because it was matched by some everyday Dave Six-Pack American just like me who believes in the guy and his vision for the future of our great country. He built his entire campaign on donations from individuals like us, not lobbyists who hope to make him just another puppet. And the guy is still wearing the same wornout shoes he’s been wearing for months. It’s okay, Barack! Head over to Kohl’s and buy yourself a new pair! It’s on me!
  • That being said, THIS John McCain isn’t even a shred of the person I once said I would vote for. I have watched him transform into a fear-mongering shadow of his former self. Eight years ago, I think he would have made a great president (if only Bush hadn’t run such a nasty campaign against him) and I think we’d be in a far different situation had he won. Now, I think he’s just as–if not more–out of touch and dangerous as what Bush is. I had hoped I would never have to say that. His demeanor since winning the primary earlier this year has become more and more vile, and his appointment of Palin as his successor–God forbid–was careless, desperate and cynical.
  • This election has to get over with immediately, because this vein on my forehead is about to burst.

God Bless America.

Anybody have any Excedrin? Queludes? A cave I can live in for a week and a half?


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On Racist Races

Maverick Terrorism 101

Someone in the McCain camp should invest in a dictionary.

Playing fast and loose with the facts has been right in their wheelhouse this election season, but lately their campaign has gone from mudslinging to shit-smearing in the most dangerous of ways.

Let’s start in September, back when Sarah Palin was announced as McCain’s running mate. Though his judgment in bringing a person with little experience or knowledge into the race was seen as a political ploy by most, support for his campaign received the breath of fresh air it desperately needed. Women were impressed that though it was an obvious attempt on his part to win the votes of those who supported Hillary Clinton’s race to the highest office in the land, he had chosen a woman to be his number two.

It took guts.

It took a maverick.

It took very poor judgement.

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On Photographic Memories

The photos were lying there on the living room floor when I arrived at the house.

I have to admit that, at first, I felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of them.

To thumb through the many stacks of family photos–either in their original development sheaths from the photo lab or in one of the many albums compiled decades before I knew any of their subjects–seemed to have the potential for monotony.

After all, there were just so many of them.

My wife Amy’s grandpa, George, was an avid photography buff. And I’m not talking in that digital-point-and-click-coolpix-everybody’s-a-photographer-now kind of way.

George was of the old school, and that’s an understatement. Even up until last year, he was using his old 35 millimeter with the fussy F-stop and aperture settings. Long ago, he’d perfected the focus and depth of field and right there were the photos to prove it.

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On Witch Hunts


From The Vault: Where Martha Stewart Went Wrong

I wrote this original article for the June 27, 2002, edition of The Breeze. While I too am getting sick of schlepping out all my old junk from the vault, this week has not been conducive to sitting and writing. It just hasn’t. Forgive, please. I promise original, awesome stuff here soon. This particular article is kinda special though because it won me a Nebraska Press Association award for column writing (second place still counts, right?). Enjoy, and remember my promise for new stuff soon. Oh, and I can’t believe I got away with the hooker remark toward the end. Yikes! 

Okay, I get it. There are some people who want to burn Martha Stewart at the stake.

If you don’t know the story by now, here’s a wrap-up: Congressional investigators are examining whether Martie (that’s what I call her; she calls me Davy) had inside information when she sold nearly 4000 shares of ImClone stock.

Sure, Martie is the chairwoman of the NSA–the regulatory department for this very kind of illegal activity–and the sale of said stock came but a day before the FDA announced that it decided not to consider ImClone’s application of their experimental drug, intended to combat colorectal cancer.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

You really delude yourself enough to think Martha Stewart–who could fashion a kicky, tasteful sweater jacket out of the hide of a roadkilled skunk–hasn’t already invented her own cure for colorectal cancer?

She has. It’s called Martha’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Prune Bomb Casserole (episode 548).

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On Spring


From The Vault: Spring’s Bittersweet Symphony

This column originally appeared in the March 21, 2002, edition of The Breeze. In the original article I incorrectly and idiotically attributed “Bittersweet Symphony” to Third Eye Blind and I heard about it for weeks afterward. I’m taking the liberty of changing that for this here post because it seems insulting that I would attribute an awesome song like that to Stephen Jenkins. It’s practically sacrilegious actually. BTW, Amy asked me the other day about the strange photos on this here blog. Basically, when I have a topic, I hop on Google search and try to find the creepiest photo I can to match the article. This photo seems springy and symphonic. I think it also qualifies as creepy. We all win!

BTW, I updated the random thoughts and lingo posts with new stuff! They’re in blue. They’re the new blue thangs basically. 

Enjoy the article, because it’s hitting you right…about…now…

The next time you see me, I’ll likely have a ridiculous grin on my face, shamefully nappy hair and a thin stream of snot running directly into my mouth.

Nothing new, you say.

Au contrair, Corvair.

It’s Spring. That’s what’s new.

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On Randomness


Randomness Ensues

Checked my e-mail the other day and got that sudden rush of overwhelming glee I succumb to when I see a new message in there. Had a comment on the ‘other blog’ and went to check it. I was ‘tagged’ by a friend and thus forced to put 10 random things about myself on my blog. Never one to pass up some good ol’ fashioned peer pressure, I wracked my brain to come up with the 10 most entertaining random things about myself.

It was a good exercise actually. I not only learned some things about myself, but actually ended up finding that those little things that peeve me about good ol’ Dave are actually kind of amusing and endearing.

Maybe I should get to know myself a little better more often.

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On Lingo


A Quick Glossary Of Terms

I’m fully aware of the fact that I’m a guy whose sometimes hard to read. And more often than not, I’m even harder to talk to. Notsomuch because of my general aloof malaise, but because I use some of the most wicked ridiculous slang ever. For those of you just reacquainting yourselves with my writing, I’d like to make it easier understand my jargs. The following is a list of terms I may or may not use in my writing. I currently use most of them in my regular everyday speech, but know they don’t always translate to normal peeps. This is a brief list of the ones I can think of right now. I’ll update this post regularly with ones I remember as they pop out m’ mouth. And, no, I’m not taking credit for all of them. I’m not a complete genius. Just about 97% genius.


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