On Racist Races

Maverick Terrorism 101

Someone in the McCain camp should invest in a dictionary.

Playing fast and loose with the facts has been right in their wheelhouse this election season, but lately their campaign has gone from mudslinging to shit-smearing in the most dangerous of ways.

Let’s start in September, back when Sarah Palin was announced as McCain’s running mate. Though his judgment in bringing a person with little experience or knowledge into the race was seen as a political ploy by most, support for his campaign received the breath of fresh air it desperately needed. Women were impressed that though it was an obvious attempt on his part to win the votes of those who supported Hillary Clinton’s race to the highest office in the land, he had chosen a woman to be his number two.

It took guts.

It took a maverick.

It took very poor judgement.

Sarah Palin is as qualified for the second-in-command gig as you or me. Her lack of experience isn’t the mind-boggling part though; it’s her supporters defense of it. 

You could dispute that Barack Obama has little experience also, and I’ll be the first to admit that truth.

There’s a very fundamental difference in the ideologies and capabilities of these two people though. Barack Obama has shown vast knowledge of foreign diplomacy, the economy, education, health care reform, and many other issues plaguing people like you and me. On all the issues that matter to me as a voter, he has a far better grasp on the reality facing the middle class than his opponent, John McCain.

As far as Palin is concerned, her knowledge of anything outside of the Alaska border is borderline frightening.

Her candidacy with John McCain reinvigorated the Republican base and made it a contest again though. In fact, immediately following McCain’s announcement and her speech at the RNC, polls showed McCain edging out Obama.

Alas, the honeymoon was over quickly. Lashing out at the media, refusing interviews, bombing those interviews she did participate in, a weak debate performance highlighted by cutesy, folksy blabbering and no real grasp of facts or solutions sent Obama’s poll numbers through the roof. The overuse of catchphrases and soundbites (I swear if I ever hear the words ‘maverick’ or ‘hockey mom’ or ‘pitbull in lipstick’ again after November 4, I’ll snap), left the wannabe-veep standing exposed as a fraud on the biggest stage in the world.

Obama’s support was furthered along by an expected but unprecedented and unfortunate economic disaster set in motion by the failed policies of the Bush administration (and sadly still supported by John McCain) and McCain’s thinly-veiled stunt in ‘halting’ his campaign to rectify the situation. It became instantly clear who was more presidential.

And can I just say this? Suspending your campaign to work on the bailout only works for you if you indeed actually stop campaigning, quit raising money, halt doing interviews and race right over to Washington to work with the committee overseeing the bill. McCain did three interviews that night, flew to Washington late the next morning, spent half a day in this hotel, sauntered over to the committee meeting and held up talks by demonstrating his ever-present confusion on the economy. The stunt might have worked if it had been implemented correctly.

I digress.

The polls didn’t look at all promising for the McCain-Palin campaign after the vice presidential debate where all the polls (save for FOX News) showed Biden winning handily. It was immediately announced by the McCain campaign that they were going negative the following week. Now, this coming from a camp that has produced some of the most negative campaigning in recent history (even by Bush’s and Rove’s standards), I feared what could be next.

And here’s where we get to the dangerous part. Forget her inexperience, poor credentials and apparent disdain for the real issues at hand here. If those weren’t enough to turn people off, they sent the most gorgeous attack dog ever out on the trail to perpetuate racial stereotypes, further dragging their campaign into the sewers.

Lately on the trail, Palin has been referring to Obama’s ‘relationship’ with William Ayers, who was on a local governing board with Obama in Chicago. In the past, Ayers had done some despicable things, no one is disputing that. The relationship though has been deemed by all accounts a moot point. Obama was eight years old when Ayers did his evil deeds (more than 40 years ago) and their relationship has been proven to be on a civil, strictly professional level, the same way you deal with crazies on governing boards in your own town.

And Sarah’s own associations have not even been brought up. Anyone else aware of her husband’s involvement in a political party in Alaska whose sole political platform was to secede Alaska from the United States? He was a very active member until the year his wife ran for governor, even attending their conventions the year before. Then he registered as an Independent. Obama couldn’t try to be more un-American than that if he tried.

Sarah Palin has painted Obama as a terrorist in a lie so bold and outrageous it would make Pinocchio top-heavy–and it’s a very dangerous statement to be making in our post-911 world.

Not only is the statement potentially dangerous for Obama politically, but physically as well. At a recent rally, Palin started her Obama-is-a-terrorist rant and shouts could be heard on the camera from the crowd.



“Kill him!”

Now, I know many McCain-Palin supporters and they’re not all on the same wavelength as these obvious wingnuts are, but as these shouts were made from the audience, Palin smiled her beautiful smile (she is gorgeous and charming, no?) and kept right along drawing more hateful, bitter chants from the angry mob. The vitriol in the auditorium was palpable.

Calls for the murder of a political figure in this country should be immediately addressed, discredited and denounced by either party. Shame should be hung over the heads of those who screech such screeds of hate, but shame should also be hung over the heads of those who encourage it.

The McCain campaign’s dishonorable decision (among many) following the exposure of these lies? Keep it up. It’s the only way to win the election. Sadly, he’s probably right but he’s also very wrong.

Since the advent of this terrorist talk, Obama has seen another jump in the polls. Americans (with the exception of those in the video I’m about to show you) see the terrorism tirade for what it really is: a desperate reach into the sewer in the most unpresidential fashion imaginable.

Many of us also view it as extremely racist and potentially dangerous.

The following video shows what Sarah Palin has incited with this talk. And I do have to say that I know a lot of McCain supporters who really think he is just a better candidate. I’m fine with that. That’s the political process. In talking to most of those people, I see none of this hateful nonsense. But it only takes one crazy vigilante to assassinate a presidential candidate.

The blatant ignorance and provoking cameraman aside, this video has me very worried.

Here’s why:

A month or so ago, when the Democratic National Convention was going on, a guy I know who supports McCain, saw Obama on a television set. I had expressed my support for Obama before that night, so the following comment was probably meant to bug me. And it did.

Obama appeared on said boob tube and this acquaintance of mine said, with a giant grin on his mug, “Hey! There’s the next assassination victim!” He laughed and walked away. I’ve not spoken with him since.

So, Sarah Palin can talk about terrorism all she wants, but with the angry, crazy mob she’s created with this chatter, if anything happens to Barack Obama, it’s mainly because of her own words, thoughts and deeds.

I mentioned earlier Sarah’s need for a dictionary. Here’s why.

Terrorism is defined by the Webster’s Dictionary (I don’t know if Daniel Webster was a member of the elite liberal media or not) as follows: the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.

Barack Obama a terrorist? Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Sarah Palin and her rabid, ignorant supporters? The verdict is out on that one.



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6 responses to “On Racist Races

  1. Randall Miner

    Very insightful article Dave as always. I’m always impressed with your literary work whether I have ever agreed or not. I do have to say this, no matter the outcome of the election, I fear an assassination attempt. I honestly hope nothing happens, but with all the nuts out there that are either racist or sexist, it’s a dangerous situation none the less. As always, keep up the great work.

  2. davejavu

    Thanks, Miner. I tried to be as objective as possible, and I definitely see both sides of the ticket as valuable representations of our society as a whole. I am petrified when I think of all the wingnuts out there who believe that killing for their cause is justified. And there have already been reports of threats on Obama, so the concern is very real. I wish we could turn the page back to the issues and debate who’s going to fix our economy.

    Alright, I spent my two cents for the day and I’m going to start owing two cents if I keep it up!

  3. Shanele Kirksey

    Dave – VERY well presented and an objective view of both tickets all while pointing out significant holes in the McCain campaign in the last few weeks. Yes, unfortunately I saw a clip of Palin being presented in Florida by an officer of the law and what he said; frankly, I am appalled at such a manner that our society is being so hypocrital towards race. Now here we are with the mud slinging – thanks McCain for adding to the mounting tensions in our democracy. Also, especially throwing that around in the South; for some individuals the Civil War lives on… Need I say more. Thanks for sending this to me, I am going to periodically be checking in until November 4th! Go Obama – a change is dutifully needed.

  4. Lisa

    I enjoyed your article – and as you probably already know, I didn’t wholeheartedly agree… but nevertheless, it was well written. You obviously have been doing WAY more campaign following than I have. I think both sides have done their share of mud slinging and “shit smearing”… one just has to sit through an evening of campaign ads to gather that data. (Oooh… and if you really want drama – watch the Colorado senate ads… Good Lord! Those people’s claws are out and they are blood thirsty animals!)
    Anyway, truth is – I honestly don’t know WHO to vote for! This is really a scary election for our country because I’m not sure EITHER candidate is truly capable or ready for the job. Six of one – half dozen of the other, ya’ know? Because I’m torn both ways, I will likely vote loyal to my party. In all honesty, though, I think McCain’s wife would be a better candidate! Keep writing. I enjoy a good teeth gnashing from you once in awhile! :o)

  5. Dave


    I think this is a year where you’re forgiven for not voting along party lines. Too much at stake. If you look at all the conservative Repubs endorsing Obama, you’ll see you’re just one of many. Of course, I know you’ll do your research and make your own decision.

    Just my two cents tho’!

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